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SenseMARS Agent
Product Description

SenseMARS Agent enables intelligent human-machine interactions with perception intelligence and decision intelligence covering natural language processing and speech, hand gesture, pose and gaze. For example, SenseMARS Digital Human, a human-like software agent, interacts with users naturally and vividly through dialog, expressions and gestures. When trained with domain-specific knowledge, SenseMARS Digital Human can serve in various scenarios including shopping malls, exhibitions, tourist attractions and banks.


SenseMARS Agent is also provided to gaming companies to serve as AI-enabled non-player characters or virtual players competing in online games of different genres.

Product Highlights
  • Intelligent customer service system and customer group analysis system
    SenseAR Digital Human summarizes the characteristics of customer groups within a service cycle and generates a report containing information such as visitor distribution and follow duration, helping clients improve the service experience they offer.
  • Diverse artistic styles
    SenseAR Digital Human can take the form of a hyper-realistic human being or cartoon character.
  • Resume manual control anytime
    For any complex questions that cannot be answered by SenseAR Digital Human, real customer service personnel can step in at any time to remotely answer visitors’ questions.
  • Rich content editing interfaces
    SenseAR Digital Human provides a series of built-in identification and dialog interaction modules that can be customized by administrators. It also provides easy-to-use interfaces that allow administrators to quickly create new content without secondary development.
  • Communicate through visual and voice analysis
    Different from voice conversation robots, SenseAR Digital Human leverages visual inputs and AI technology to identifies customers' identity, attributes, and gestures to interact with and respond to them accordingly.
  • Interact Naturally
    SenseAR Digital Human can interact and communicate like a real human being with expressions and gestures by learning from people. Thus, it can interact with visitors smoothly and naturally.
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Business reception
Museum guide
Promotion and marketing activities in shopping malls
Online customer service
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