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Smart Video Software
Product Description

Video understanding and generation are implemented based on deep learning algorithms and technologies involving vision, text, and audio to extract video features. The product can be used in photo album management, smart searching, personalized video recommendation, and other scenarios. It provides smart video editing tools and facilitates "secondary creation" based on video features to output high-quality, high definition and stylish video content. It covers every video industry chain from video production, editing and processing, video reviewing, to video transmission, smart distribution and video consumption. 

Product Highlights
  • Supports local and cloud deployment, and quick integration at a low cost.
  • Powerful video analysis and processing capabilities, industry-leading algorithms, low recall rates and high-performance standards;
  • Multi-dimensional, all-scenario coverage, and supports flexible customization according to client requirements;
Usage Scenarios
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Photo album management, streaming media platforms (long or short videos, games, live streaming), and image/video editing tools
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