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Vanke Group
Vanke Group is China’s leading urban and rural development and lifestyle company. Its main business includes real estate development and logistics services. Currently Vanke Group is actively engaged in all three major economic development circles in China and key cities in the central and western regions.
​SenseTime provides smart lifestyle solutions to Vanke Group headquarter office buildings and its smart communities via its suite of smart devices and terminals, such as SenseID (authentication terminal), SenseKeeper (facial recognition gatekeeper), and SensePass (facial recognition access control). All these devices are capable to perform visitor registration, gentry access and attendance tracking based on facial verification. These technologies not only effectively lowers the security risk due to the missing of access control card, but also prevent employees from faking their attendance records. SenseTime brings great convenience to the employees of Vanke Smart Offices and the residents of Vanke Smart Community by allowing them to use their faces as their personal ID.