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Shanghai International Automobile City Group (SIACG)
Shanghai International Automobile City Group is the premier automotive industry cluster in China, located in Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai. It is an economic development corporation that has influenced products and solutions throughout China's automotive industry.
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SenseTime and Shanghai International Automobile City Group (SIACG) have collaborated to enhance SIACG's shuttle bus service operations, driver’s behavior management and passenger experience. Leveraging SenseTime’s advanced AI technology, the two companies are working together to debut SenseTime's intelligent cabin sensing solutions for public transportation. Safety is always the top priority in traffic management. Cases of driver fatigue and poor concentration levels are causing more road accidents which has made this a critical issue to be addressed.
Currently, there are over 100 shuttle bus routes in Shanghai, 38 of them have been upgraded with SenseTime intelligent cabin sensing solutions, which use machine learning and video analytics to recognize driver identity and analyze in real-time the fatigue and concentration levels, plus signs of driver distraction. The results then trigger appropriate alerts to ensure safe driving. The upgrade will be expanded to all routes in the near future. Empowered by SenseTime's advanced technology SenseDrive Driving Monitoring System (DMS), shuttle buses with an ordinary infra-red camera and an ordinary installed chipset can monitor driving conditions in real-time to ensure higher levels of safety. With AI technology in place, it can recognize a combination of human facial changes, blinking of eyes, and specific signs of driver distraction. Driver fatigue levels can be identified accurately through closing of eyes or yawning, while distracting behavior such as smoking, drinking, making phone calls, etc. will be recognized and trigger alerts. This can all be achieved through SenseTime’s technology while collecting and processing the traffic data to enhance road safety. Moving forward, SenseTime will further collaborate with SIACG by introducing more AI applications for smart automobiles in order to elevate the driving experience, improve driver quality levels and promote the “AI+Smart Transport” applications.
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