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SenseCare Bone Tumor
Product Description

SenseCare Bone Tumor conducts automatic segmentation of tumors and bones, as well as a 3D reconstruction based on multimodal images to achieve highly efficient, precise, and personalized surgical planning for patients.

Product Highlights
  • Precise Tumor Delineation
    Automatically delineates the boundaries of bone tumors with AI algorithms to facilitate high accuracy and consistency.
  • Multi-modality Data Registration and Segmentation
    Automatically completes the registration, fusion and segmentation of multi-modality data to improve the efficiency of analysis.
  • Automatic Generation of 3D-printing Model
    Supports personalized preoperative planning with the high-precision 3D-printing model, thereby efficiently and intuitively assisting doctors to better evaluate surgical planning and prognosis.
Usage Scenarios
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Department of Orthopedics