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Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital
Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, is a tertiary comprehensive hospital with 4 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 4 national key disciplines disciplines, 9 national key disciplines medicine disciplines, and 211 engineering disciplines. It is also home to some of its top departments in plastic surgery, oral medicine, orthopedics, and others. As a national-level key discipline, the Ninth Hospital's orthopedic department represents the nation’s highest orthopedic disease diagnosis and treatment standards.
As 3D printing technology developed, 3D-printed parts could be used in an increasing number of orthopedic surgeries instead of traditional standardized orthopedic implants. This helps to realize personalized and precise treatment, and increases patients' quality of life after surgeries. However, 3D printing surgery planning requires the participation of the imaging and orthopedic departments as well as 3D printing engineers, and the process is cumbersome. There is also a lot of manual doctor work required, and it takes a long time for the medical staff to collaborate with engineers. All these factors directly affect surgery efficiency, accuracy, and outcomes, which refrains a wide adoption of this advanced technology.
The SenseCare Smart Health Platform is a high-performance auxiliary medical diagnosis solution usinges a rich set of image post-processing technologies and leading AI algorithms independently researched and developed by SenseTime. It provides smart tools for different clinical departments to satisfy the needs of the whole processes of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

By deploying the server within the hospital and connecting it with the hospital's data system, the SenseCare Smart Health Platform comprehensively serves various departments within the Ninth Hospital such as the imaging department, orthopedics department, and the 3D printing center. Doctors from different departments only need to open the web page and log into the SenseCare Smart Health Platform to use the various smart services available on the platform.

For the planning of pelvic tumor surgery , the SenseCare Smart Health Platform dramatically increases the communication efficiency between the orthopedic department, the imaging department, and the 3D printing center engineers using multi-modal image data for the automatic reconstruction and accurate segmentation of tumor tissues and normal bones. This relieves doctors from sketching manually, which is troublesome, and can be not as accurate. The product can also output 3D printing files according to the finalized plan, reducing the time to prepare for the surgical implants.