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SenseCare Lung CT
Product Description

SenseCare Lung CT contains three main functions, it can automatically detect pulmonary nodules, pneumonia (including COVID-19) lesions and fractures, and provide comprehensive qualitative and quantitative analysis and structured reports for radiologists.

Product Highlights
  • Efficient Detection of Various Lesions
    Supports the detection of pulmonary nodules, pneumonia (including COVID-19) and rib fracture within seconds to help doctors improve screening efficiency.
  • Intelligent Localization and Classification of Lesions
    Automatically locates pulmonary nodules and pneumonia lesions, provide the precise location of the fracture and support nodule classification as well.
  • Precise Quantification Analysis
    Automatically measures key parameters such as nodule size and density, and provides a quantitative assessment of nodule malignancy.
  • Intelligent Follow-up Evaluation
    Automatically registers and pairs the historical images, comprehensively track changes of nodule volume, diameter and density as well as calculate the nodule doubling time.
  • Automatic Report Generation
    Based on AI findings, automatically generates text descriptions under professional guidelines and helps doctors improve report writing efficiency.
Usage Scenarios
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Department of Radiology, Department of Chest Medicine, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Medical Examination Center