Core Technology
Based on the foundation of proprietary technologies and a core “brain” built on a deep learning platform,
SenseTime has rapidly opened up AI application in multiple vertical scenarios.
Research cooperation
SenseTime attaches great importance in its research collaborations between academia and industry. We have established joint research labs with leading universities and research institutions to develop core AI technologies and achieve breakthroughs. While cultivating top talents and continuously promoting an Academia + Industry AI ecosystem, we apply high-quality research to the real-world.
Joint Labs

SenseTime has established more than 10 joint research laboratories with academic institutions around the world. Our joint research covers a wide range of cutting-edge areas, including Core Deep Learning Algorithms, 3D Vision and Augmented Reality, AI Supercomputing Platforms, High-performance Heterogeneous Computing and Applications, Big Data Analysis and Processing, In-depth Analysis and Understanding of Complex Visual Information, Autonomous Driving, Medical Image Recognition, etc. We also work with academia to jointly promote the applications of AI technology in industries such as Smart Cities, Mobile Devices, Internet Entertainment, Smart Health, and Intelligent Driving.

International Cooperation
The Global Artificial Intelligence Academic Alliance ( GAIAA )
  • The Global Artificial Intelligence Academic Alliance ( GAIAA )
The Global Artificial Intelligence Academic Alliance ( GAIAA )

The Global Artificial Intelligence Academic Alliance (GAIAA) is a global NGO with a mission to be a leading platform that supports academic communications and cooperation among world-leading artificial intelligence (AI) research institutions. Its establishment was proposed during the 2018 World AI Conference (WAIC) held in Shanghai.
The vision of GAIAA is to lead AI researchers of the world’s top universities convene regularly to discuss and share the latest trends in AI as well as to identify areas for collaboration. The Alliance also engages key decision makers, as well as the public, on related topics. Through the constant exchange of views and interaction, the Alliance aspires to advocate for the advancement of AI technology, its application, and public awareness.

NTU-SenseTime Talent Programme

As part of its expansion in Singapore, SenseTime is committed to honing talent and deepening world-class research in Singapore. Supported by the Economic Development Board (EDB) of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University(NTU), and SenseTime Singapore, the NTU-SenseTime Talent Program allows selected PhD candidates to work on company-driven projects while also earning their postgraduate degrees at NTU. SenseTime and NTU will jointly supervise candidates and their R&D projects and aim to create the best research environment. Qualified candidates will have the chance to join SenseTime as employees and pursue this program on a full-time basis. Each PhD candidate will have at least one supervisor from NTU and one co-supervisor from SenseTime’s research team.

SenseTime Scholarship
SenseTime Scholarship was established in 2017 with the purpose of attracting, retaining and cultivating the most excellent undergraduates in the field of AI in China. SenseTime Scholarship takes leading scientific research and engineering excellence as two directions for innovative AI talents. With the principle of "selecting the best from the best", SenseTime selects and nurtures outstanding undergraduate students majoring in AI, supporting them in carrying out research works and provide a platform for exchanges and internship.
Youth Research Fund
In July 2018, SenseTime launched the SenseTime Research Fund for Young Scholars. This fund aims to connect academic frontiers with industrial applications, while supporting young scholars in their cutting-edge research work. With the this fund, SenseTime establishes an open platform for AI experts, teachers, students, and industries to explore related topics and their implementations.
SenseTime Visiting Scholars Program
With top-notch talent pool and leading original deep learning platform, SenseTime has amassed great influence among external scholars. In 2018, we launched the Visiting Scholar Program. The program aims to provide more opportunities to AI scholars to gain an in-depth understanding of the practical problems faced by the industry and conduct cutting-edge research in fields such as computer vision and deep learning.