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AI Education
The Need for AI Education

The world is changing at such an unprecedented rate, and Al is engrained in every aspect of our lives. Every individual should not only be made aware of how Al is used but should be given the opportunities to take advantage of this technological progress. No matter what career path one is in, understanding the fundamentals of Al is an indispensable tool within school, within the workplace, and in daily life.

Therefore, SenseTime Edu was created, and a comprehensive series of Al courses for every student and experience level from K12 to prefessionals in the workplace was developed. Real-life applications such as those applied in autonomous driving and healthcare are explored, inspiring passion to meet the demands for current and future Al talents. SenseTime Edu is committed to developing skillsets so that we are all prepared for this bright future ahead.

AI Education Solutions
AI Textbook

AI Textbooks for everyday learning

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    'Introduction to Artificial Intelligence' converts complex AI knowledge into simple lessons for students. Lessons from image transformations to natural language processing are covered in this series. Students can learn about the basic applications of AI technologies just like any other basic skill.
  • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
    Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
    'Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence' is the first AI textbook in the world designed to be taught within the classroom. This textbook introduces the history, concepts, principles and practical applications of AI. Real-world AI concepts are presented to provide a foundation for expanding technical skills.
AI Platforms

Online platforms for real hands-on experience

  • SenseStudy Online Platform
    Over 250+ hours of pre-made lessons to immediate teach students
  • SenseInnoLab Course Builder
    An open platform for teachers to customize their own courses
  • SenseStudy Curriculum
    A comprehensive selection of real-world AI applications based on SenseTime's own research and products

    Python Programming

    Image Recognition

    Facial Recognition

    Speech Recognition

    Text Recognition

    Vehicle Control

    Autonomous Driving

AI Experiential Courses

Project-based step-by-step AI courses

  • AI Basics

  • Python Fundamentals

  • Classical Control

  • AI+Discipline

  • AI Topics

  • Image Recognition

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Human-Computer Interaction

  • AI Fundamentals

  • Machine Learning

  • Deep Learning

  • Reinforced Learning

AI Educational Robot

Fun and entertaining learning tools

SenseRover Mini Programming Car

Error Control

Sensor Application


SenseStorm LEGO Robot

Deep Object Detection

Robot Positioning

Depth Image Classification

SenseRover Pro Autonomous Vehicle


Modern Robot OS


AI Lab

A space to offer an immersive AI educational experience





AI Education Services

Systematic and professional AI education services

  • Classroom Training
    A program established to train a group of seed teachers in AI, senior AI researchers assist teachers in mastering teaching materials and tools while also implementing curriculums so that teachers may teach effectively. Up until now, SenseTime has trained teachers from over 500 schools.
  • Winter and Summer Camp
    Improve children's practical abilities, creativity, problem-solving skills and AI thinking skills through challenging activities, allowing children to feel, learn and understand AI technologies directly. We hope that when children grow up, no matter what kind of career they choose to do, they can apply AI technologies to efficiently resolve problems in various industries.
  • International Artificial Intelligence Fair
    The International Artificial Intelligence Fair (IAIF) is an annual competition hosted by SenseTime. High school students submit their AI projects that solve an important current issue. Outstanding projects have the opportunity to join an incubator program and further develop their work in a business setting.

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