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C-End consumers, the new generation Z consumer groups, white-collar workers and students.
Customer pain point
The traditional way to access and view cultural and creative content can be very limiting and contribute to poor user experience. Therefore, through digitalizing cultural and creative art content with AR elements, we are breathing new life into physical art that could better resonate with people's sentiments. The gaming-changing AR + AI interactive technology not only creates intriguing experiences for users but also enables us to connect with them better and on a deeper level.
Cooperation plan
SenseTime creates an exclusive AR + AR platform – The Digital Cat Cultural and Creative Platform to empower and mobilize companies related to cultural and creative creations. The Creative Platform has built-in AI + AR technical capabilities taken from our SenseMARS Mixed Reality Platform and modified into its unique algorithm that enables AR or digital content to be infused into physical art and be projected in real life through different forms like 3-Dimensional models and videos.

Our Digital Cat Cultural and Creative Platform team has been actively exploring new IP-based gameplay experiences in Metaverse while holding onto our principles and core values as a corporate in maintaining originality, respecting copyright and restoring Chinese traditional culture for our nation amid the comprehensive creation of the Metaverse.

At the same time, the cultural and creative platform can also provide our partners with one-stop full-chain digital creation services that include casting, certifying, displaying, circulating and helping IP creators to easily integrate spatial, digital content into physical products that connect both the digital and physical world.
Since May, our digital product Digital Cat has been sold exclusively to renowned Cultural IPs such as Dunhuang Museum, Xu Beihong Memorial Museum, and the National Palace Museum in Taipei and received phenomenal sales results by means of diversified, omnichannel marketing and smooth operations mechanism.

● 2,022 pieces of "One Thousand Years, Dunhuang" were sold out within 2 minutes upon launch
● 2022 pieces of " Sad-dharma Dunhuang" were sold out within 2 minutes upon launch
● 2000 pieces of "Song Ren Pi Ma Xu Beihong" were sold out in 1 minute online and 300 pieces offline upon launch
● The number of views on the short promotion video exceeded 200 thousand
● The number of viewers for the pre-launch live broadcast exceeded 10 thousand