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Life @ SenseTime

In SenseTime, lead a fulfilling work life, live happily, and grow without worries.

Employee Voice

The importance of being so close to where all the magic happens was the main drive for me to join the company.

Novak Tadic

Solutions Engineer

I have been very passionate about AI as it has a great potential to improve lives.

Manzoor Allam

Pre-Sales Director

As a continuous-learner and my curiosity and passion for innovative technology, is what motivates me to join SenseTime.

Samer Mahmoud

Solutions Director

I have always had one dream - To contribute a little bit myself, in the long history of mankind, to use AI for a better tomorrow.

Jacky Wang

Solutions Manager

Black Sheep Culture
Constant Faith in Us Forever

“Integrity, Commitment, Perseverance, Innovation and Collaboration” are shared values and beliefs of SenseTime employees, it is our code of conduct and inner DNA. The "Black Sheep" culture represents innovation and distinction. The desire to pursue win-win platforms and the courage and confidence to become the first in the world.

Integrity: Impartial | Righteous

Commitment: Trustworthy | Sincere

Perseverance: Unprejudiced | Perseverant

Innovation: Responsible | Innovative

Collaboration: Unity | Coherent

The Work Environment
Employee Benefits
SenseTime provides its employees with comprehensive work-life benefits and care. With world leading talent subsidy programme and employee benefits system in place, SenseTime is willing to grow together with every staff.
Food and clothing live line
Your risk
All kinds of holiday
To your health
Important moment
Many benefits
Game activities
The environment into the

Free breakfast & lunch or meal allowance Overtime reimbursement for dinner and transportation

Endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance, housing fund, MPF, and supplementary medical insurance constitute a comprehensive system.

Free physical examination, free clinic

Free physical examination, free clinic

In addition to statutory holidays, we also have annual leave, paid sick leave, holiday leave, etc.

We have birthday parties, maternity gifts, entry anniversary gifts for our employees.

here are discounts for bodybuilding and hair salons, discounts for house renting, and festival gifts.

We have wonderful team building activities and various clubs, thus employees can get to know more interesting Sensetime members and travel together.

Employee Growth
Diversified Career Pathways

SenseTime provides an excellent career development system, catering to the needs of young employees who are looking for self-development and growth, providing employees with targeted and differentiated training programs. It also has a flexible internal transfer system, diversified development paths and opportunity to work globally. Employees can rely on the broad platform provided by the company to combine personal development goals with available opportunities, providing oneself with multiple choices.

SenseTime Research
Adhering to originality, SenseTime Research is one of the most prolific contributors of AI related papers in the research community. SenseTime Research has cooperated with dozens of top universities and research institutions internationally. The successful research collaborations between academia and industry has applied high-quality research to the real world and established an effective talent cultivation mechanism.
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