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Smart Module
Product Description
  • SenseAsteria Smart Module is a sleek intelligent hardware computing terminal. It leverages SenseTime's latest deep learning technologies such as face key point detection and tracking, key limb points detection and tracking, facial attribute and comparison. More algorithms will be iterated rapidly in the future. It can be deployed on Android, Windows, and Linux platforms and provides simple interfaces to facilitate developer access.

Product Highlights
  • It supports hardware-based acceleration and provides faster processing speeds than pure software solutions.

  • It has low hardware requirements and performs AI computing in the module, so it does not occupy the computing resources of the host computer.

  • It can be deployed independently or on a host computer, resulting in high flexibility.

  • It is integrated with SenseTime's high precision and high performance algorithms, such as face detection and body detection, allowing it to adapt to different application scenarios.

Usage Scenarios
Household entertainment
Usage Scenarios
Classroom education
Usage Scenarios
Intelligent exhibition hall




Product Features
  • Hands-up detection

  • Detection of skeletal key points for 2D gestures

  • Gesture type detection and tracking

  • Body attribute detection

  • Body key point detection and tracking

  • Face comparison 1:N

  • Facial attribute detection

  • Face detection and tracking