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Japanese Baseball Stadium
In Japan, baseball is one of the most popular sports. According to data released by the professional baseball authority in Japan, the number of spectators watching NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball Organization) games at home stadiums was at one point over 26.53 million, an average of 30,928 spectators in each game.
Customer pain point
The sudden emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic led to weakened sporting event consumption, shuttered institutions and stadiums, and postponed games, the industry faced unprecedented challenges. In 2020, the average number of spectators declined to 7,805, an annual decrease of 82%. The drastic decline in spectators watching baseball games led to reduced revenue for stadiums and baseball clubs.
Cooperation plan
SenseTime and its local partners in Japan provided AI and MR support to a well-known Japanese baseball stadium. By providing an AR platform and integrating interesting AR effects at the stadium, we attracted more people by delivering a unique set of interactions for spectators to make post-epidemic baseball games livelier and more immersive.
At the entrance to the stadium, by scanning the scene at the entrance with H5, spectators can interact and take photos with the avatar, and post them on social media to create additional discussion related to the game. Meanwhile, MR technology is used to display AR advertisements on the live-action background, which converts people's attention to business value.

On the AR displays at mobile phones at the venue, spectators can see AR balloons being "released", allowing them to experience the celebrations on the field without the environmental pollution of actually releasing balloons and further enhance the game experience.