Core Technology
Based on the foundation of proprietary technologies and a core “brain” built on a deep learning platform,
SenseTime has rapidly opened up AI application in multiple vertical scenarios.

Object Recognition
The world-leading universal object recognition algorithm accurately recognizes over 200 types of common objects in photos.
1  Object Recognition

Vehicle License Recognition
The vehicle license plate detection and recognition system accurately recognizes vehicle license despite interferences such as strong light, oblique shooting angles and blurriness.
2  Vehicle License Recognition

Text Recognition: Natural Scene
The technology automatically extracts text information from complex images of natural scenes.
3  Text Recognition: Natural Scene

Text Recognition: Card
The technology automatically extracts text information from card images captured under different environmental conditions.
4  Text Recognition: Card

Text Recognition: Receipt
The technology recognizes multiple types of receipts regardless of their formats, and automatically locates text information on the receipts.
5  Text Recognition: Receipt

Vehicle Type Recognition
The vehicle type detection system accurately recognizes thousands of vehicle types under different environmental conditions regardless of lighting conditions and shooting angles.
6  Vehicle Type Recognition

Scenario Recognition
The system accurately identifies hundreds of natural scenes, thousands of common objects and their properties. Not only does it accelerate photo search and classification process for smart photo album management, it also helps produce more eye-catching display advertisements of the scenes or objects.
7  Scenario Recognition

Remote Image Sensing and Interpretation
Based on high-resolution satellite images, the remote image sensing and interpretation system automatically extracts and interprets geographical data such as clouds, snow, water, buildings and road networks, producing pixel-to-plane detection results for land use classification. Beside dynamic change detection, the system supports key points detection, accurately recognizing various target features including the location, length, width and resting position of the target.
8  Remote Image Sensing and Interpretation

Apparel Attribute Recognition
The system conducts automatic detection and recognition of apparel in photos and videos which accurately recognizes apparel types, patterns, sleeve types, collar types and other details despite interferences such as changes in illumination and changes in gesture.
9  Apparel Attribute Recognition