Core Technology
Based on the foundation of proprietary technologies and a core “brain” built on a deep learning platform,
SenseTime has rapidly opened up AI application in multiple vertical scenarios.

Based on industry-leading image processing technology, the technology removes heavy fog and haze from images.
1  Dehazing

Super-resolution Restoration
Leveraging image processing and deep learning technologies such as the Super-Resolution Convolutional Neural Networks (SRCNN) to upsample low-resolution images, the super-resolution restoration solution delivers much clearer and sharper high-resolution images.
2  Super-resolution Restoration

Restoration (Rapid Noise Reduction)
The cutting-edge rapid noise reduction algorithm removes noise from smartphone images.
3  Restoration (Rapid Noise Reduction)

Dark Light Enhancement
The industry-leading image processing technology improves the overall brightness and definition of images and videos shot under dark light environment.
4  Dark Light Enhancement

Single Image HDR
The wide dynamic range algorithm equips smartphones with the ability to take stunning, professional-level photos and videos.
5  Single Image HDR

Out-of-focus Restoration
The industry-leading image processing algorithm adjusts and restores out-of-focus photos.
6  Out-of-focus Restoration

Post Focusing
Based on dual-lens 3D vision technology, the post focusing solution allows users to adjust the focus and aperture of the image after shooting, enabling stunning features such as background defocusing and digital refocusing.
7  Post Focusing

Based on deep learning algorithms, the filtering solution offers a wide variety of special image effects. Currently, nearly 70 filter effects and 6 artistic filter effects are available.
8  Filtering

Video Stylization
Based on advanced deep learning algorithms, the solution converts videos in real-time to create more interesting and artistic footages.
9  Video Stylization